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Date : 14-05-15 10:41
Summary of the SCCK Breakfast lecture by Mr. Stefan Moller
 Name : SCCK
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SCCK Breakfast lecture by Mr. Stefan L. Moller (Kim & Chang)
The SCCK Breakfast Meeting with Mr. Stefan L. Moller was held on May 14th 2014 at Seoul Club Cheeseman Room. The meeting started out with an opening of Mr. Peter Carlberg, chairman of SCCK, followed by a lecture by Mr. Stefan Moller titled
"Korean Tax Legislation - What's New?"

Mr. Stefan Moller talked about three main key points.
Tax implications from different forms of doing business is Korea, Current tax issues, and Recent developments.
There were various questions during the lecture with great interest in how the korean tax system runs.


The next SCCK lecture will be held on May 28th, 2014 at Seoul Club.
The lecture will be given by Dr. Per Stenius (CEO of Reddal) with the title "Creative Economy - What is in it for Nordic Companies?"