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Date : 14-05-28 16:33
Summary of the SCCK luncheon lecture by Dr. Per Stenius
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SCCK Luncheon Lecture by Dr. Per Stenius, CEO of REDDAL
The SCCK Luncheon lecture with Dr. Per Stenius, CEO of REDDAL was held on May 28th, 2014
at Seoul Club Chirisan room. SCCK members as well as members from the Finnish Chamber of
Commerce participated in this lecture. The luncheon started with an opening by the chairman
of SCCK, Mr. Peter Carlberg following with Dr. Per Stenius's lecture with the topic,
"Creative Economy - What is in it for Nordic Companies?"


Dr. Per Stenius made a presentation with four key points.
The Traditional Korean industries are being challenged, and face weaker growth prospects. 
Creative economy, a new paradigm for growth by innovation and collaboration, requires a working exosystem.
Although a lot of resoures are poured into achieving Korean creative economy, some hurdles persist.
Nordic companies have an opportunity to act as a catalyst in the process of reaching creative economy in Korea.

After the lecture, there was a Q&A session and various discussions were made.
Both SCCK and FINNCHAM members were able to get to know other companies through this

We hope to see many members in our next SCCK event!
Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Korea